GUITARS: Which Type Is for You ?

Do you remember when you were a kid? You’ve taken your first handful of lessons and things are gettin’ a little tighter on the frets.You can make a little sense as to what you are trying to accomplish.Your chording is gettin’ cleaner by the minute because you’re practicin’…alot!..It’s really gettin’ so fun,you’re fallin’ asleep at night with your instrument next to ya’.Your Guitar has become your girlfriend,but it’s still only your first guitar.Yes,shes a cutie and she definitely looks good in your arms,but it’s not that trophy girlfriend that all your friends will say,Damn! How did you get her??

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Well my friends, I believe it’s time look into and give a little info on the great Mesa/Boogie Amplifier.I myself know of it’s greatness first hand as I’ve owned one for around twenty-five years now. I own the MARK 3 head & 4×12 cabinet and it is one sweet sounding amplifier.

Mesa/Boogie Ltd.,also known as Mesa Engineering is an American company located in Petaluma California by Randall Smith.Like other makers of amps he started off as a small repair shop that modified Fender Amps most notably the Fender Princeton.He was able to add more input gain that greatly bo0osted the loudness along with a high gain distortioned tone...

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C.F. Martin & Co. is an American manufacturer of guitars that was first established in the year 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin.They make what I believe to be the finest Acoustic Guitars in the world.Highly respected for its guitars they are a leading maker of Flat-top and Dreadnought style guitars.In the past,they have made Electric style Guitars and Basses along with Mandolins.These are no longer in production as they now concentrate on acoustic and acoustic/electric instruments...

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The Telecaster, also known as the Tele is the first commercially successful guitar of the solid body electric type.

It being a simple but definitely effective design that went on to set trends in manufacturing and popular music. First known as the Broadcaster in 1950, it has been in continual production in different models and forms. Like the Stratocaster it is a very versatile instrument used in all types of music including Country, Rock, Pop, folk, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Punk and Metal.

Developed by Leo Fender in 1950 in Fullerton California, the Telecaster turned out to be the design that made bolt-on neck, solid body guitars viable in the marketplace...

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Another Instrument company I thought was worthy of telling everyone about is Danelectro.

DANELECTRO ELECTRIC GUITARS They are a Brand of primarily string instruments and accessories that were manufactured using unique designs. Danelectro came to be in 1947 by Nathan Daniel of New Jersey whose designs included the Silvertone and Airline Brands sold by Sears and Montgomery Ward.If anybody remembers these,they came in a case that had built in amplifiers where you could just plug into the case and rock out! I myself can remember these guitars and are very rare these days.My father had a Silvertone acoustic before he bought his Martin D-28.

Danelectro made hollow bodied Guitars from Masonite and Poplar to save costs and speed up production,intending to produce no frills,good toned  guitars at ...

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On July 13, 2020, the FCC’s new frequency use regulations will take effect, forbidding the use of 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz, in order to meet increasing demand for wireless broadband services.

This means that wireless systems that operate within the said frequencies will be illegal to use in the United States. So for this update,¬† only included are those that operate within allowable frequencies, to ensure that they are compliant to FCC’s new regulations.
Digital vs Analog
Analog Wireless Systems are still commonly used, thanks to their range, practicality and accessibility. They transmit your analog guitar signal via VHF(30MHz to 300MHz) or UHF(300Mhz to 3GHz) frequencies, much like analog radios would...

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13 EZ modifications U Can Do YOURSELF

Here we have it,13 little modifications to help your Axe sound just a bit better. I myself have done some of these,changing my pickguard,hybrid strings and nut changes to name a few. It’s all a matter of what you like but I do think everyone should give these a try sometime and figure out for yourself the modifications that suit you best.Also,some guitars need one and another guitar wouldn’t need one.I do suggest taking your axe to a technician and definitely try different size strings.I now use 11. strings and really like the sound better than 9’s or 10’s

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A Little Bit About the Early MARSHALL AMPS

Sizzling distortion and “the CRUNCH” have been known as signature sounds of the MARSHALL AMP.

Marshall Amps and cabinets have been sought out by guitarists for these sounds and for increased volume since it’s earliest days. The current and re-issue Marshall Amps continue to use the vacuum tubes or Valves as they are sometimes called. Along with the Digital age amps Marshall is still among the most recognized in the world. Marshall amplifiers have been among the best since opening in 1962 by Jim Marshall the Founder. They serve the world from the United Kingdom and Canada, Australia, all of Europe, Asia & the USA. Mr Jim Marshall had a small in the earliest years in Hanwell, London where he sold Drums and drum accessories of all things. He being a very accomplished drummer himself...

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Epiphone Guitars: 146 Years of History

Epiphone Instruments is one of the oldest Instrument makers in America.

In 1873 they started making instruments for every genre of music there is,and in 2013 celebrated 140 years.Now it being 2019 that makes 146 years of quality made instruments. Epiphone came to be known as “The House of Stathopoulo” named for the owner with the same last name. Anastasias was his first name and being of greek bloodlines he lived in Turkey and this is where it all started. Epiphone has had a role in all eras of music from the making of Mandolins to the Archtop guitars staring in the 1900’s to the 1920’s.The swing era Archtops through post-war pop, jazz, r&b to the beginnings of rock & roll, the so called “British Invasion” to the heaviest of Metal, punk (my fave) grunge and thrash...

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A History of Gibson Guitars

Gibson Guitar Corporation is an American manufacturer of

guitars,basses and amplifiers. They also make other instruments such as Mandolins and Drums along with professional Audio equipment for stage and recording.

They were first based in Kalamazoo Michigan for many years but are now based in the musical hotbed of Nashville Tennessee. Gibson Guitar Corporation is now named Gibson Brands,Inc. and has been since the year 2013 on June 11. The company founder Orville Gibson started making instruments in the year 1894 and was first named Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg, Co. Ltd. in the year 1902. Using the same way that Violins were built using Arched tops,

Mr. Gibson invented the Archtop Guitar with the same type of construction...

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